Toyota Tires Champaign, IL

Does your Toyota need new tires, Central Illinois? Toyota of Danville is your tire replacement and repair expert!  Your tires are the single most important component normally replaced on your car, truck or van.  We know that there is very little between the road and your family's safety....therefore, we treat tire replacement as if we were putting them on our own vehicles.

Knowing when to get new tires is important to the safety of your Toyota and for all drivers. Having enough tread left on your tires and keeping them properly inflated are key factors. Not only does this help with gas mileage, it also improves the comfort and quality of your ride.

We also know that sometimes people just want something with more grip for the winter or a tire and rim that is more upscale and stylish. Check with our Service and Parts departments to learn how you can tailor your vehicle to your unique driving and appearance requirements.

Signs of Tire Problems

Grab an Honest Abe (penny) out of your pocket and place his shiny face within the tire's tread grooves. Insert the penny so that Abraham Lincoln's head faces downward and check to see whether you can still see Abe's face. If the tire tread covers his face, then your tires are probably still good, but if the tire’s tread is shallow enough that all of Lincoln's face can be seen, it may be time for new tires.  Watch for uneven tread wear as well, this is usually a sign of unbalanced tires or worn suspension, which our experts can fix for you. Tire slippage in different weather conditions like rain, snow and mud may reveal the need for different tires with tread patterns specific to each condition.

The Champaign Toyota tires expert

We carry the OEM Toyota recommended tires for all Toyotas, including Camry , Corolla , Tundra , Prius , Highlander , 4Runner , Rav4 , Avalon , Sienna , Yaris , and Scion . We also know how to complete the proper alignment for your Toyota which ensures proper tread wear and extends your tires' life. We also handle tire rotation (often completed with your Toyota oil change here at Toyota of Danville). No matter what make of car that you have you can trust in the service that Toyota of Danville provides with every tire change.

Toyota of Danville handles tire repair, having you in and out very quickly. Contact us with your situation and let us help.  Our satisfied customers who have bought tires for their Toyota come from throughout Illinois and Indiana, including Champaign, Danville, Decatur, Charleston, Mattoon, Springfield, Westville, Monticello, Rantoul, Paris, Mahomet, Terre Haute, Covington, and Crawfordsville. 

Let our Toyota tire experts help you decide what tires are best for your vehicle. We can check the tread and see if it is time for new tires or maybe you just need a rotate and balance to keep them running. Call us today at 217-442-8474 to schedule your appointment . We will share the results of our tire inspections with you, and then complete the tire service, using genuine OEM Toyota parts and accessories. We have won the Toyota Presidents award in back to back years for customer satisfaction, and with your help we look to make it again!